Creating a worldwide overview


A multinational engineering and electronics company challenged us. They wanted to enhance their warranty process and create a worldwide overview. We liked that challenge.


How can we guarantee engineers do their job right?

Our client produces all kinds of security systems which form a public announcement system together in big public buildings. But how can they ensure that the engineers who install these systems do their job right?


Make it easier
for engineers

Most of the issues reported on PA systems are caused by faulty engineering. So let’s make it easier for engineers to deliver their best performance.

03 the goal

Ensuring the best possible installation for every PA system


Helping our client
and their clients

We thought out the complete process and developed a system in which engineers need to fill in what they have done to install the PA system right. Including a list of hardware they used.

During the questionnaire, the engineers also simultaneously fill in a test to see if they answer to the high standards of the specified norm our client guarantees.

The end client can log on to the system we built and check if their warranty is still active. They can even pick an engineer in case they need help.

Insight is

Since our client is a large multinational, it is hard to keep track of every piece of hardware out there with their name on it. We helped them make this possible. Thanks to our system, our client knows what piece of hardware is installed where, who did it and what the warranty status is.

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