Using technology to create sustainability


We all like to help Mother Earth out. Especially when sustainability also means saving money at the same time. That’s exactly what we did in this case.


How can we work on building sustainability?

Governmental organizations in The Netherlands are obliged to work on sustainability when it comes to their buildings. Our client asked us to figure out what the best way is to use technology in achieving this sustainable goal.


Save money with
sensors and systems

Let’s use sensors to measure whether a workspace is occupied or not. We can use that data in a map for a realtime overview. The owner of a building can save money when certain areas don’t have to be heated or lit.

03 the goal

Optimize sustainability and
cost efficiency for buildings


Start with mapping,
expand on the data

We started with a user story and built iBASX. Our software system uses sensors to create a realtime map of buildings. Workers can even check-in via an app.

At this moment, iBASX has hundreds of millions of anonymous data records. This amount of data offers huge possibilities. That is something we are continuously exploring with our client.

For example: if EROs are obliged to check-in via the iBASX app, they will always be found quickly in case of an emergency. We also use deep learning to predict the usage of buildings.

Integrity above all

This is one of those projects where we are very aware of the privacy impact our solution could have. Therefore we deliberately refused to build certain features that our client would like to have, simply because we think privacy is important. Don’t you?


We measured the following results

  • 2.5 billion

    Containing data about workplace efficiency and information about how workplaces are used.

  • 20 %
    Increase in workplace-efficiency

    Less desks with higher efficiency means less floorspace and lower costs!

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