Automating fuel transactions for aircrafts


A big oil company that provides fuel for aircrafts asked us to help them out by reducing the number of so-called misfuels. We did.

Big time.

How can we reduce misfuels?

Misfuels are occasions on which an aircraft cannot be fueled because there is no fuel trailer available. Or when it is available, it contains the wrong kind of fuel. You get the picture. All these scenarios cause delays and delays cost a lot of money. Therefore, our client wanted to reduce misfuels.


Let’s prevent
human errors

We don’t like to hear it, but us humans cause a lot of errors. In this case, we decided to dig deep to find out how we could prevent human errors when it comes to misfuels.

03 the goal

Making sure every aircraft automatically gets the right fuel at the right time


We focused on
process over code

It all comes down to streamlining the process as best as we could. Everything we could automate before, during and after the fuel transaction, we automated.

Every step in the process is checked. Pilots can choose the fuel, additive, time and place of their choice. We make sure every detail is stored to ensure the best overview.

To optimize this process even further, we are now working on the configuration of all fuel trailers. So we can make sure everything goes according to plan.

Based on our agile
approach, the client
is flying with us

We really proved ourselves with this complex project. By starting out small, delivering an MVP, and adding new features along the way, we fully partnered with our client. And we’re still going strong.


We measured the following results

  • 80 %
    Less misfuels

    Which means much lower fuel costs and, of course, much less frustration on all sides.

  • 80 %
    Less delays

    And that means a big cost reduction, since we all know delays cost a lot of money in aviation.

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